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Seeing his friend's Mother's Day gifts that have a use makes Franklin think his isn't special enough, until his mother sees it for herself. Franklin feels he has grown up overnight. Bear makes him have second thoughts about growing up, but Franklin's parents tell him it doesn't happen that quickly.

Franklin's and Bear's serious spy business ruins Badger and Beaver's puppet show, but the two make it up to them.


List of Franklin episodes - Wikipedia

Franklin forgets his library book which gets ruined in rain, but is afraid to confess until his parents tell him what responsibility is. Franklin damages his kite and lets Fox take it. Franklin and Bear learn from Fox's father how to reuse junk into something useful. Franklin avoids his substitute babysitter Mrs. They come to like each other after getting out of a locked closet. Goose becomes pessimistic thinking she broke the class globe, until Franklin and Bear admit their folly.

Franklin's Valentines are lost and ruined from a breeze, but his friends understand what happened and he makes some Friendship cards the next day. Franklin carelessly trades away his grandfather's old penny whistle. Granny and Franklin follow a trail to get it back. Franklin and Beaver take piano lessons from Granny to impress Ms. Beaver excels, but Franklin doesn't have the patience. Franklin and his parents go on a vacation, where he expects it to be somewhere with fun rides, but is disappointed to discover it's at a pioneer village.

As it happens, he enjoys all the different chores, while his parents are exhausted, but are content that Franklin likes it after all. Franklin hides his bike and helmet thinking he'll be laughed at, but is told that he needs to wear it if he wants to pass the safety course. Franklin thinks it won't be much fun to hold his birthday party at home, but his parents help make the party extra special.

Franklin and his friends get a nickname, which soon escalates into a bad name game. Otter visits Franklin. However, her interests have changed and the changes in the village are not to her liking.

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For show and tell, the class has to show their personal collection they have made, but Franklin doesn't have any and has to spend the weekend trying to find one. He finally takes an interest in rocks, which doesn't seem to interest any of the kids at first, until Mr. Owl talks about each of their histories. Bear quarrels with Franklin after he blabs to Fox about Bear's secret flag he made for the tree fort. With help from Beaver, Snail, and Fox, Franklin manages to sincerely apologize.

Franklin takes many precautions in his own house. With help from his parents, he learns professional fire safety tips. Franklin finds a caterpillar, but it eats his flowers. Mole teaches him that this is the natural way of garden animals. With everyone mad at him, Franklin runs off with Snail to the tree fort. On a rainy day, Franklin is bored. Whatever stifles his boredom is short lived, until his parents teach him how to play by himself. Franklin fails to understand hours and minutes, making him lack punctuality. Owl helps Franklin understand time better.

Franklin readies himself for the school spelling test, but he cheats on the last word. Full of guilt, Franklin confesses to Mr. Franklin takes a lone duckling home, who proves to be quite a handful. Franklin finally brings the duckling back to its family.

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Franklin makes friends with a bat named Bat, but problems emerge when they can't meet because Bat is nocturnal. Bear loses Beaver's pet hamster, Henry, while watching him when she's on vacation. He buys another hamster to take its place, before admitting his lie. Henry ends up showing up and Bear gets to keep the new hamster, calling it Henry II. Franklin feels sad when he doesn't get a big part in the school's production of Sleeping Beauty , thinking he won't get the same attention as a stage manager, not until he realizes how important his role is.

Franklin wins a contest with a painting that he, Bear, Beaver, and Fox painted. Franklin spends too much time on Beaver's computer game, Dam Builders. Beaver thinks that Franklin is more interested in the game than spending time with her, who comes to his senses and puts his friend before the game. Franklin helps Mrs. Muskrat repair her old boat. He figures it will only take a short time, but when it turns into a big job, he considers given up, until he discovers she renamed her boat after him in gratitude for his help.

Franklin and Bear discover a trilobite fossil in the garden. They make a museum with the fossil as the focal point, but lose customers because they don't know anything about it. Beaver tells Franklin that he will have a bad day, so Franklin becomes cautious the following day and ends up missing out on a lot of great stuff.

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Franklin is afraid of going down into the cellar, for fear of the monsters that live there. The fear spreads across Beaver, Bear, and Goose, until they realize that it's their imagination getting the best of them which is also what they use to "fight the monsters" as superheroes. Franklin's preconceived notions about trees are turned upside down when he gets the responsibility of planting one. Franklin and Snail want to get signed copies of the new Dynaroo comic from Dynaroo herself, but have to help Mrs. Muskrat get into her house after she lost her key in the snow.

They get to Mr. Heron's shop a little too late, but Dynaroo stuck around after Mrs.

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Muskrat called ahead to tell of their good deed. Franklin would rather go on a bike ride with Bear, than put away his make-shift tent, but then he has a flat tire which leads him into all kinds of problems that could've been prevented if he had put away the tent days ago. Franklin thinks it's better to tell the truth, but isn't so sure when it comes to the ill-received cookies he made, which have too much ginger in them.

Franklin tries to learn magic like a famous magician, Martin the Magnificent. Franklin becomes too dependent on his friends when they were on a camp out. Eventually they get sick of it and stop. At night, the wind wakes Franklin up who sees the tent in danger, and with Bear asleep, he learns to be self sufficient in tying it down securely by himself. A lost puppy follows Franklin around, and Franklin wants to keep him.

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Franklin takes the school's toy bus without asking. Rabbit steals Franklin's technique for drawing storm clouds. A young boy named Squirrel hangs out with Franklin, Fox, and Raccoon. Groundhog gets grumpy during February 2nd, and Franklin tries to find out why. Turtle promises to fix Franklin's bike, but only after he fixes a sprinkler, which may take more time than originally intended. Franklin doesn't want his friends to know that he is afraid of thunderstorms.

Franklin and Bear compete with Beaver and Fox for who will make the best maple syrup. Franklin can't find a job to help with in the community. Bear is accused of eating all of the snacks his friends stored away for safe keeping. Franklin tries to do a good deed in order to get journalist Mr. Coyote to get him into the newspaper. Franklin receives a submarine by mail that isn't at all what he imagined it to be.

Franklin gets to help out around the house on small fix-it jobs. He then tries to apply it to helping his friends, which seem to work at first, until he finds out that his fixes caused bigger messes. However, his friends forgive him and his parents tell him that learning from one's mistakes is experience, too. And with his father's help, he does it again the right way. Franklin gets nervous about a forthcoming chess championship being held at his school. Franklin and Bear are eager to deliver newspapers while the local paperboy is away for the weekend.

They soon find out that windy Saturdays are much better for flying kites than delivering papers. Franklin's shell is peeling due to having Carapace Eczema and is treated with an embarrassing ointment. He then tries various ways to hide this from his friends. Franklin thinks that a newer, prettier sailboat in Mr. Mole's store is better than his older, run-down sailboat he currently owns. He waits for his father to fix his old run up, but runs out of patience and buys the new boat, only it looks better than it swims.

In the meantime, Mr. Turtle fixes his old boat up, so Franklin gives the new boat as a trophy to his dad in gratitude. Franklin accidentally snoops on Bear's birthday present and tells him its an action figure. He then convinces his friends into buying all the accessories, but when he finds out the action figure was for his own birthday, Franklin gives it to Bear to avoid revealing the truth so nobody is let down.

Mole tells Franklin stories of his father's childhood mistakes while he and Franklin wait at the train station for Franklin's mother. Franklin and Bear help Skunk get ready for hockey season. Beaver becomes too bossy during a production of a Little Red Riding Hood puppet play.

Franklin discovers how slow he actually is when he gets his hands on a stopwatch. Franklin's friends don't believe him when he explains that a different kid wreaks havoc on his fun. Franklin and Rabbit get too much into playing practical jokes being played on their friends. Franklin tries to hide Sam while on a camping trip with his friends. Franklin and Bear try to hide a secret berry patch all to themselves. Franklin feels challenged by the affections of another kid Granny is babysitting.

Franklin gets an extra copy of a rare trading card and has to decide whether to give it to Beaver or Fox. Franklin and Fox try to build a robot. When their friends mock their simple made one that doesn't actually do anything, they each take turns wearing the robot suit and a forced to do the chores the other kids think they are ordering it to do.

Franklin tries to find out where the ball went during a game of baseball played by Beaver, Fox and Raccoon. All the clues point to it falling in the river, but Bear points out that it knocked down a branch as it got stuck in a tree. Franklin's friends think that he is fearless going down Thrill Hill, the steepest hill in all of Woodland. Bear feels unlucky, so Franklin gives him a fake four-leaf clover to try and boost his luck.

Franklin and Bear accuse two crabs of stealing their seashells. Snail wants to learn how to fly, but everyone else thinks it's ridiculous and dangerous, except for Franklin. Franklin and Bear want to play in the park, but Bear's younger sister keeps calling out to them. Franklin keeps retiring until, which makes Bear jealous, but they realize the she was actually calling out to Franklin because Bear was too busy.


Bear, Franklin and his family prepare to go out for a camping trip. While packing up, Mr. Turtle accidentally drops a frying pan and it lands on his foot which gives him serious injuries, forcing him to stay out of the vacation. Turtle takes care of the rest of the work, which has some differences than what Mr. Turtle does. Franklin tries to teach Harriet so she will be ready for kindergarten. Nothing seems to work, until his family discover that it was playing with Harriet before that actually taught her to hammer her own unsturdy chair.

Franklin fears he's allergic to his best friend, Bear and they attempt to avoid each other until they find out it was Bear's new bubble bath. Franklin gets sick of reading Harriet's favorite book, The Happy Green Frog , so he decides to hide it inside a newspaper until her naptime. However, the book ends up missing after the newspaper ends up in the garbage with the book inside of it. Franklin and Bear search for another copy to replace the one Franklin lost.

When he does, he finds out the pages are half missing, but is able to recall the story from memory. And ever since he was small, he really wanted a pet. One night he can't find his tattered old blanket and must try to get along without it. But will he be too nervous to say his lines when the big night arrives?