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Which side has the better case?

  1. Your Forklift Questions Answered - EHS Daily Advisor
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Your Forklift Questions Answered - EHS Daily Advisor

Specifically, they told him this was about safety and that he would continue to have meaningful work at the Worthington Delta plant. There was an immediate opening for one of the positions, and Worthington transferred him without reducing his pay. In filing for summary judgment, Siewertsen and Worthington both argued no reasonable jury could find for the other side on three issues:. Ultimately, a judge of the U. A jury could also reach different conclusions about whether the abilities to hear and communicate audibly are essential job functions, the judge said. At this point, the case remains undecided.

Siewertsen and Worthington could try to work out an agreement, or the case could go to trial. What do you think?

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Siewertsen v. The Worthington Steel Company , Dist. Court, ND Ohio, No. On the surface the laws seem to require companies to do a FULL risk assessment of a position. I am an experienced Safety professional with over 43 years working in the profession at various levels. I have been the safety person where we had hearing impaired workers driving large trucks; operating forklifts; working on very large machinery; as well as office workers.

We ensured that all employees were appropriately trained and had any certifications to do their jobs. In this case it would seem, although the article is not specific on the subject, that the forklift operator was trained and certified to operate a forklift. Does this same company allow office workers to use earbuds hooked up to extremely loud music [both damaging their hearing — that would be compensable as a work related disease — and preventing any communication in the case of an emergency].

I think not. This man should be allowed to continue working safely and if hearing is an issue what about flashing lights on the forklifts approaching areas with less than perfect lines. KW — Safety Professional from way back! It is no surprise that I agree with assessment. You have it correct in regards to the company correcting issues that caused the July the one near-miss incident.

I wish to point out that this situation requires two operators to create this.


I will expand on this to include apathy in this. There may have been a issue of lack of mirrors to see around bad crossroads. The addition of different color flashing light at eye level to indicate unseen traffic are excellent preventive methods to alert oncoming operators of unseen traffic.

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If you can walk up to an intersection and not see well enough to detect an oncoming machine to the right or left, well, there you go. You need pressure switches that cannot be blocked by work floor products.

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A somewhat simple improvement that shows the employees that the company is taking steps to assist the employees in being safe. We have a new deaf employee at our facility. The new employee is exceptional -AND- is one of the safest equipment operators on the floor. Our company is in the process of hiring a second Deaf employee. We have all observed forklift drivers who were gifted with excellent hearing and sight — yet had no business operating a forklift.

Being Deaf does not hinder a person from operating any type of vehicle. In fact, there are Deaf airplane pilots. There may be restrictions just as there are with a personal automobile license. Boeing is a leader in hiring hearing impaired workers see links below. Tinker AFB has many Deaf employees. Some operate heavy machinery.

LIFT - Reach Truck Training - 4K Forklift Training (with bloopers at the end!)

These are companies who are thinking forward, making reasonable accommodations and eliminating barriers that tend to sideline members of the team. Thanks, I agree and I guess my anger at trial lawyers shows through brightly in my reply. I applaud this deaf man and would personally hire him in a second based on his reported attitude, ,They were lucky to have him and should put him back on his lift pronto! DAMN the lawyers. It is indeed a tough call. Defense if hindered by the years that they let this go on. Having a good safety record for years is not de facto evidence of safety, it can be merely a lack of incident.

To go to an extreme example, there are people who drive drunk for years with no incidents. No one has a right to a specific job. Combi Lift Doosan.

The pros and cons of diesel, gas and electric forklifts

Forklift Hire Service Sales Parts. James Hipkins, Managing Director Emerys. Blog Posts. Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Forklift For a lot of businesses, a forklift is a significant investment. Unlike the paperclips, pens and pencils you order once We cover a 30 mile radius. Connect socially with us. However, incidents involving lift trucks are usually serious and often fatal. Lift trucks are very heavy, even when unloaded and there is very little protection for pedestrians. Other less common incidents involve injuries due to fire or explosion due to replenishing the energy source or unsuitability of the lift truck for the environment.

Crush and foot injuries tend to be common injuries suffered by pedestrians. Whilst drivers tend to suffer injuries caused as a result of truck instability, which result in the truck tipping over and crushing the driver. In the period — , six people were killed in Ireland in incidents involving forklift trucks. Three of the fatalities involved loads falling off the forklift truck onto the person, two fatalities were due to cages falling off the forklift truck blades tines and the sixth fatality occurred when a person was crushed between the forklift truck and shelving.

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