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The needs that are brought to the church are complex and varied. The church has to offer more than a sanctuary and a sermon. The 21st-century church has been catapulted into arenas that were hardly accessed a few years ago. It now offers so much more than just a sanctuary and a sermon. The 21st-century church is now a conglomerate, offering all the spiritual help it should and so much more. All of these facets require proper structures in place, qualified personnel to run them; qualified personnel require human resources and business management; and human resources and business management require the application of state and federal rules and regulations.

Someone has to be a steward of the interest of the church and its leadership. Sadly, we are living in a time when people are targeting ministries for litigation and ridicule! In years gone by, this would not be an issue. But today there are many instances in which the church needs someone watching the business while the pastor is watching the sheep. First, a church is an organism. As an organism, it is a complex structure of interdependent and subordinate elements whose relations and properties are largely determined by their function in the whole.

An organism is a basic unit constituted to carry on the activities of its life by means of parts separate in function but mutually dependent. Such an organism requires administration, good administration, if it is to be very effective. Sadly, we are living in a time when people are targeting ministries for litigation. A church is of God and people. There is an essential partnership between God and persons in the life and work of a church. Church administration concerns itself with presenting the human element in the partnership equation as a disciplined, orderly, purposeful instrument to be directed and used of God as He sees fit.

Church resources are limited. Church administration concerns itself with the overall guidance provided by church leaders as they utilize the spiritual, human, physical and financial resources of the church to enable the church move toward fulfilling its purpose and objectives. On the human plane, church resources are limited. The limitation of resources makes management and administration of them more imperative. Churches are experiencing sagging influence and lagging pace.

In fact, comedians in Nigeria now use churches and pastors to create their biggest jokes! Presently most churches are decreasing in both numbers and percentages in relation to general population growth. If allowed to go unchecked, this trend portends the reduction of churches to mere remnants in the lifetime of some persons now living. Church administration offers no panacea to such conditions. Yet, good church administration, like Christianity itself, has not been tried and found wanting.

It is worth it. The quality of administration and leadership in organisations other than church organizations has generally, though not universally, improved. There is a higher educational level among church members which reflects that of the general population. More church members are in places of responsible administration and leadership in their occupations. There, they are expected to perform according to increasingly high administration and leadership standards and to employ ever more sophisticated techniques. Many church members expect administration and leadership intensity and quality of effort in the church comparable to that with which they work in their jobs outside the church.

Effective Church Administration and Leadership create efficiency for effective Ministry. Effective Church administration is the gift of God. Administration and Leadership are necessary in any church, big or small. Good church administration is getting others to work together. You must understand that church administration is a ministry centred on people, not techniques and paperwork. It is an art of management, not manipulation.

It requires faith in God, sensitivity, integrity, timing, administrative skills, and resourcefulness. Many serving in church administration are gifted with natural talents, yet these natural talents are sharpened through experience, training, and empowerment from God. Effective church administration gets the bulk of the members to see the vision, grasp the vision, communicate the vision, and impart the vision to others.

Failure to do so only causes chaos in your church. There are some administrators who are really outstanding receptionists, but inefficient and ineffective administrators. For example, one of the myths in many churches is that all pastors are or should be skilled in administration.

While pastors definitely need to have some components of administration and always provide proper oversight, for the most part it is unwise to burden pastors with the responsibility of the day to day of church administration.

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Throughout the New Testament we see delegation of roles. In fact Acts 6 clearly demonstrates this. Pastors cannot do it all and it is unfair for us to mandate that they so do. Are you aware that it is estimated that 1, pastors leave the ministry each month? Look at Moses trying to bear the entire responsibility of pastoring and administration of all those people. He was overwhelmed and in a moment of stress told God he would rather die than to continue shepherding all those people! What did God do? He gave him help!

We must come alongside and help! While a number of churches believe anyone can serve in a church administrative role, you find that those who are called to this role are the ones who succeed in it. If you agree to do this short-term 90 days until the position is filled, that is one thing. However, if you agree to do it long term then you must know with certainty if this is where God is calling you, because this position is unlike any other role you have served in before. It is not like working in a corporate office. It is tremendously different, challenging, demanding, frustrating, rewarding, confusing, life changing, and impactful, all at the same time.

It sounds as if this is a new position for your church, and because of this you will need to be prepared for some blowback, such as jealousy and strife. It is unfortunate, but normal in the life of any church. Bottom line is: you need to be clear in your heart as to what God is speaking to you. Every church must have a good foundation, consisting of a written church constitution and bylaws, which spell out all positions and their accountability protocols.

This does not justify the behavior, only sheds light on it. Other times the senior pastor may be under the belief that he is not accountable to anyone and does not need to report. First: Always pray and pull down the strongholds, pray against confusion, and disorder. This is the guide that your church leaders must follow. You must balance the spiritual with the natural. Your role as church secretary or church administrator for example is vital to the health of your church and your pastor. It is unfortunate that this essential element is often overlooked or done improperly, greatly impeding the health of a church and its leader.

The right people in the right administrative positions performing at their peak can be burden lifters for senior pastors This is where you must know how to pray for your pastor and ask God to bandage and heal his wounds, as it will impede the success of the ministry God has entrusted into his care. Pastors are frequently greatly wounded by church boards, church staff, or church members. It is taxing on pastors. Sometimes we only see a glimpse, but we are unaware of the pressures that accompany pastoring. As a ministry assistant, you are called alongside to assist senior leadership in fulfilling the ministry God has assigned to your local church.

You must work on developing a relationship with pastoral leadership that establishes trust and efficiency. Is it just a job or did God call you to serve in that role?

The Church Administrative Assistant's Handbook

It makes a tremendous difference. The call draws you closer to God, not to gossip and backbiting. The call makes you stay even when the pay is insufficient. The call instructs you on which battles to fight and which ones to let go. The call keeps you showing up on time and with the right spirit. The call revitalizes you when you have your bags packed and ready to walk out. But the draft drags you kicking and screaming. As a church administrator you are doing ministry and ministry is a call to serve.

This call leads you to have unwavering loyalty but this only comes about by getting to know the spirit of your leader and your leader getting to know your spirit. It cannot be one-sided because relationship requires more than one person. The church office must be unified. There must be trust because rumors and lies will be spoken against leadership and if it is just a job to you, you will not cover but join in on the uncovering.

I Quit! How many times have you thought of that? How often have you said it? The pressures of ministry and the seemingly lack of appreciation can become a weight if one allows it. To quit means to depart from; leave; to give up; to relinquish. It is to release oneself from a burden or responsibility. God knows how and when to intervene. When we think we can go no further that is when we tap into a new level of strength, a new height of creativity. We discover there was more there than we realize. You must understand the process—God empowers you for ministry. He endows you for service.

But it will cost you dying to self.

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John says: Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. You must be able to press your way, unless God has released you from what you say He called you to do. Rise above it and ask God to guide you. What to look for: Is your pastor closed to all ideas from all ministry departments? This is important because if this is the case it identifies a serious problem trust and a specific area where prayer and intercession is needed.

Intercessors do not stop interceding until a manifestation of the answer or until God releases them. Some pastors cannot relinquish control — but there is always a root to this behavior. One of the most important and strategic weapons you have in your arsenal is prayer. This is a tough role and it can be painful, but as you continue to pray, prepare yourself, and sharpen your skills, you will find yourself excelling. However, the church board has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure funds are properly handled. Whatever assignment we have in the church we are required to be good stewards.

It is unfortunate in many churches nothing is investigated or dealt with when accounting records are unaccounted for or inaccurate. There are numerous state and federal laws as well as accounting practices that they are not aware of and it leads to poor accounting. It could be something as simple as erroneous accounting practices or more serious as embezzlement, but If the board does not do some type of investigation it will not know and a possible repeat of past errors can occur.

Another alternative and perhaps a preferable one and one that some churches who have found themselves in such position have done is bring in an outsider to do an audit of your church records this is good practice to do every 2 to 3 years anyway. Audits are expensive and if you are already in financial crisis perhaps a financial review will be a better alternative for you at this time.

We pray all goes well for you. Church leaders need an administrative style of leadership: Church leaders need to discover, accept, and develop an administrative style of leadership. The need is not a new one, neither is the approach to the remedy. Both are apparent in history at least as far back as the Exodus. You and the people with you will wear yourselves out, for the thing is too heavy for you; you are not able to perform it alone RSV.

Jethro followed his consultation on administration with the promise of these benefits: So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you. If you do this, and God so commands you, then you will be able to endure, and all these people also will go to their place in peace vv. Jethro admonished Moses to listen to his counsel.

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Here are the major points of the prescription. Pray for them: Moses was to represent the people before God. He was to bring their causes to God. This seems to be a way of saying he was to pray for them and their problems. Teach them the guidelines: Moses was to teach the people the statues and the laws. These were to be their guidelines as policies, procedures, and rules 3. Show them the way: Moses was to show the people the way wherein they must walk. Since they had the pillar of cloud and fire for their physical direction, this admonition must refer to Moses showing them their life direction, as spiritual counselor.

Show them the work: Moses was to show the people the work they must do. The work was their challenge from God. It was to provide much of the motivation for their struggle to become the kind of instrument as a people through whom God could work. Organize the people into manageable groups: Moses was to organize the people into manageable groups. The pattern was to have groups of thousands, which, in turn, would have groups of hundreds.

The hundreds groups were sub-grouped into fifties, and the fifties into groups of tens. This was their organization design. These leaders were to be able, God fearing, truthful, and haters of unjust gain. Their span of leadership was reasonable. Each man could be expected to cover his assignment effectively. Give the chosen leaders continuing authority: Moses was to let the chosen leaders of the group judge the people at all seasons. Their authority was not limited to any season. No one would benefit by waiting for a different season for his arbitration to be handled. This arrangement would expedite the solving of disputes and avoid a loaded docket.

It would be an exception to the statues and laws which would not be decided by these judges. Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

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Overview The Effective Church Administration Guidebook gives a schedule of daily and weekly church functions, including 25 sample forms and letters. The purpose is to help any church, whether new or seasoned, with smooth operations. The guidebook will help your volunteers and staff members reach out and make a difference in the lives of the people who walk through your church doors.

Several ideas and examples are also included for special community events and holiday outreaches. These steps help guide in time management while enhancing effective communication skills among all ministry leaders, volunteers, and the congregation. Newly added in the revised edition are Bible scriptures.

Product Details About the Author. About the Author J. Deskins and her husband Nelson are both ordained Reverends and have been assisting churches of different denominations for almost two decades. Over the years, J.

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Deskins has seen many churches struggle when it comes to their administration and organization. Some do not know where to start, while others put church administration to the bottom of their list. Unfortunately, their ministry teams and churches fall apart. Her desire is to empower church leadership and help them reach their surrounding communities and be successful for the kingdom of God. She and her husband enjoy daily life with their funny long-haired Dachshund and visiting nearby theme parks. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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