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  2. Blind date: what it's like to navigate the dating scene when you can't see
  3. Online Dating Platforms and Apps for People with Disabilities Continue to Lag Far Behind

It was not ever thus. A period of adjustment followed, during which he retreated from the world, becoming a "bit of a recluse". That facilitated my entry into the dating world again", he adds. T hings have worked out well from there. The more you do it the more you realise human beings are quite nice to each other! For Stu, finding somebody attractive still has a physical dimension. I have had relationship with redhead and women with dark hair. W hether you agree that there's a connection between hair colour and personality, it's clear that for Stu, the most important thing is a love interest's interests.

I'd rather just give them a quick hug because I try and keep it a bit more organic. I would like to think my defining trait is my personality, my interests and who I am, so I want that to shine through.

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That said, Stu is equally mindful not to ignore the topic or treat it as though it is off the table. It's a matter of finding a balance. She had come to the date thinking I was pulling her leg. It was okay in the end.

Blind People Tell Us Which Questions Annoy Them the Most - Blind People Describe - Cut

We just met up for an hour and had a coffee. T he technology Stu uses to access the internet generally is the same that allows him to operate online.

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In short, he new that something was amiss. I felt the conversational scree on which I was standing begin to shift.

Discover the fantastical writings of Oliver Kennett…

I took a swig of my drink, coughed as it went down the wrong way before plonking the glass back down on the slick bar. Far more self assured. Angel Olz punched the air and grinned. Two pompoms appeared in his hands as he went into a cheerleader routine.

Blind date: what it's like to navigate the dating scene when you can't see

I scrambled for something to say. It had been going so well, laughter, flirting, physical contact and with that thought, my big stupid mouth opened. Angel Olz leapt forward, pompoms extended to plug the widening hole… But, he was too late. There was a disturbance in the air, a waft of intoxicating perfume before the gin and tonic splashed into my face. People will often avoid asking the questions which they should ask.

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We need to get the big awkward questions out the way so we can move on, especially in the dating situations. Questions like:.

Online Dating Platforms and Apps for People with Disabilities Continue to Lag Far Behind

I, self appointed ambassador for all Face Feelers. Blind people , aim debunk these points of contention and, hopefully, in my own little way, make the world just that little bit better. As an aside, a girl did actually make me feel her face at the weekend, she then felt mine even though she could see. So, to all the girls out there that wonder what the benefits of dating a blind guy are, here goes:. Hey, you do it for me. There is a certain cool factor to looking after others.